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Percussion Technique

Structural integrity is the foundation of your health. NUCCA chiropractic spinal care is a powerful and gentle technique to restore your body’s alignment. Often old scar tissue from severe (macrotrauma) or chronic injuries (microtrauma) may still limit your body’s ability to achieve and maintain optimal alignment. Percussion can help.

How It Works

    Fascia has properties that, like bone, allow it to carry electrical current. Fascial connective tissue constantly communicates with your entire nervous system. Unlike healthy fascia, scar tissue is inflexible, sticky, and a poor conductor. Scar tissue leads to chronic pain and susceptibility to reinjury.

Percussion helps the following conditions:

  • Scar tissue adhesions and release
  • Visceral manipulation (organ misplacement and fascial constrictures)
  • Diaphragmatic spasm and hiatal hernia
  • Release for emotionally related abdominal contractures
  • Cranial suture fixations and misalignments
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems
  • Spinal and pelvic misalignments and fixations
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems
  • Hip, knee, ankle and foot problems

Nasal Specific Technique

The Nasal Specific Technique* works to decompress your body by adjusting the cranial plates. Ultimately this technique unwinds tension and reestablishes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to your body and grants blood flow to your brain.

This technique has been in practice since the 1930's. It has been taught to many Doctors, dentists and other practitioners. There is also a surgical procedure to achieve the same result. However, this procedure requires general anesthesia and costs thousands of dollars. Our Doctors have had patients travel from all up and down the West Coast, including Canada, just for the Nasal Specific Technique because of the minimally invasive and cost effective technique.

* Also known as Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS) or Nasal Cranial Release (NCR).

How It Works

    A small balloon is inserted into one of your six nasal passages and is gently inflated, opening your sinus to the back of your throat. Your passages are each opened one at a time. It takes about one to three seconds to open. During the procedure you can feel a brief, yet intense pressure, but the relief is worth the few seconds of discomfort.

What will I feel like afterwards?

    Immediately after the Nasal Specific, our patients have also reported having increased energy, better breathing, clear-headedness, sharper memory and more joy and happiness.   You may feel relief of pain in any given part of your body including your hips, hands, feet, knees, mid-back, and neck. Improvement in vision, hearing, smell and reduction of brain fog. Overall the technique opens up congestion.

Emotional Release work: Access Consciousness & Neuro-Emotional Technique

Our emotions, both good and not so good, can affect our physical health. The good news is there are techniques that can bring fast relief. If you're having health issues because of stress or physical trauma, your everyday emotional responses may not fully resolve or even recover, as they naturally should. Later in our lives, when we experience a similar situation, an old emotional response can kick in. Individually, we rarely see the link between a past event and our present situation. Our emotions do and they will cause your body to weaken, not allowing you to recover efficiently or even at all.

This is where Emotional release is crucial. It is fast, it is fun, and it can dramatically improve your health. Dr. Meakim can help identify an old unresolved event and help your body release its lingering emotional response. For good! Doctors used to think that emotions reside entirely in the brain, But now we know that many other parts of the body can hold emotions too. Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach before a speech? Have you referred to something as a "pain in the neck?" Have you ever felt a "lump in your throat?" Clearly emotions happen in our body, not just our brain.

How it works

    If you are interested in knowing more about Access Consciousness and a private Zoom session with Dr. Meakim follow this link to her Access site: Drchristinameakim.com

    NET Neuro Emotional Technique
    We find "trapped" or conditioned memory with the help of simple muscle testing. This helps determine if your body is in harmony with a particular concept or idea, which is linked to an unresolved emotional event. To get rid of the trapped emotion, you'll form a mental picture - a "snapshot" - of the original triggering event. Your body will automatically assume an emotional state similar to the way it originally reacted. Then, together, we will activate a specific wrist pulse point that is associated with the unresolved emotional response. This helps your body release the emotion linked to the event. It's that simple! After the correction, many patients report feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

    NET is safe and effective, and is a natural way to instantly resolve long-standing health problems by resolving the emotional components that accompany the physical symptoms.

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