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40+ years of pain fixed!

For years, I have suffered severe pain in my lower back. It was debilitating pain. I thought that I was going to have to endure it for the rest of my life. But after just a few months of treatment by Dr. Meakim, I am now completely out of pain for the first time since 1977! The hours I don’t have to suffer in pain is making my life so much better. I move without any issues and I never thought I could get here. I don’t know how many chiropractors I’ve been too and they only treat the symptoms. This is the first chiropractor that I have found that actually healed my spine. I don’t say that lightly. If you are tired of suffering, I would strongly recommend you go into this office and make it happen. Because now I’m pain free. It literally is a miracle.


Dr. Meakim and the team at Healthy Life Chiropractic are so amazing! I have been with them for around 6 months and I have felt and SEEN so much improvement in my scoliosis. I have been to many chiropractors in my life and this is the only one where I have seen actual spinal improvements. They are so kind and enthusiastic and make the chiropractor something I look forward to every week.


Dr Meakim and her team helped me get my back back. sure helps having weekly visits to keep me in line. plus the office atmosphere is a tall drink of water.


Just go. Stop thinking about it. Your body will thank you in many ways. I've been to several chiropractors before here with little relief. Dr. Meakim is just plain different in the best of ways.

BOH symptoms (groin pain)

I was told by my urologist; I would need to take Terazosin for life for my BOH symptoms (groin pain). I have not needed to take Terazosin for groin pain since approximately 2013. I have been a patient of Dr. Meakim's since August 2012. I believe NUCCA chiropractic treatments have relieved my cervical and lumbar vertebrae subluxations, creating proper nerve flow to my groin. In turn, all my BPH symptoms are gone! I recommend any male with groin pain to get their spine evaluated and x-rayed. Dr. Meakim can help remove his subluxations and he can live groin pain free.

Limp due to sprained ankle

I was always healthy-never smoked or drank. I loved swimming and often did yoga. But after I tripped on an airplane in 2010, my ankle was sprained and it never healed properly. I began walking with a limp for over 6 months and had to go on disability. I sought acupuncture and a podiatrist for help but never got lasting results. My good friend Elena saw my trouble and invited me to get evaluated at Healthy Life Chiropractic for a Friends and Family event. I started seeing Dr. Meakim in November 2017 and after 5 months, I feel as if she has healed 100% of my trauma! I am no longer in pain, I have a new outlook on life and I am sharing NUCCA chiropractic with everyone! All my friends can see the difference on my face!

Back Pain

As a middle-aged male, I was "late to the party" in starting a family, but in less than 2 1/4 (!) my wife and I went from zero to four children! A final set of twins was the exclamation mark to the first two "Irish" twins. Even before the fraternal: twins appeared, my back really started to kill me, out of nowhere, for the first time in my life. And I honestly mean, KILLING ME! I needed relief of some sort, somehow, from somewhere, big time! The Irish twins were still babies and a personal friend recommended SF Family Spinal Care with glowing reviews. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Upon an initial examination, including x-rays, I could see myself, with my own eyes, a spinal cord, which was well beyond my chronological age. Seeing is believing! From whatever the source (s) a long time ago, real damage had occurred, been unattended to, and now these "little ones" were the "straws breaking the camel's back" Literally! Upon initial treatment, immediately I experienced miraculous results. Thank goodness! This was a half-decade ago. Now, our four children are aged 5-7. They enjoy being thrown around as much as ever. Even more than ever and I can do it! My back doesn't bother me these days, ever. That doesn't necessarily mean the damage is undone. It can't be repaired, just maintained. Today I'm in ongoing maintenance mode. And in it, I will stay. To me, it's a form of insurance that I value. I am very value- oriented. Let's be honest, whoever wants to "collect" on insurance? Collecting on insurance is pure damage control at best. Can you say life insurance? For myself, I hope to never collect on insurance, just pay the premium. I have had a bad back and it's comforting to have protection in place. One-day strength will limit me from throwing around the little ones, not my back, but not yet! One day

Lower back pain due to Sciatica

I read an article in the paper. I was doubtful, but I thought, "I'll give it a try." I was in so much pain, so I had to try it. It worked! Thank God. Before I came in I could barely concentrate at work. I was in so much pain climbing up and down on the machines I worked with. I work in construction and my job is very physical so it was extremely taxing to do my day to day tasks. I was struggling with really bad sciatica and pain in my low back. When I woke up in the morning, I had to get on my knees before I stood up to get out of bed. It would take me a few minutes just to get out of bed. After my first adjustment, I felt like someone had taken 20 lbs. off my left side. Since then, my snowboarding has improved a lot. My balance is better. I am stronger. I am able to do more of the things I love. My pain has come back now and again, but with an adjustment, Dr. Meakim just takes the pain away. The best part of my week is coming in here. The only thing I would complain about it's that they should have more chocolate. O The attitude in this office is brilliant.

Neck, shoulder and arm pain

I remember one morning waking up to intense pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms. I felt like I was on FIRE! I decided to walk over to Healthy Life Chiropractic for help. When I came in, I was crying because the pain was agonizing. Everyone welcomed me like they knew me. They took X-Rays, we talked about my diagnosis, and then we made a plan. Today, I feel SO MUCH BETTER and I have a new FAMILY. With on-going treatments, I feel like new again.

Difficulty getting out of bed

At first I was skeptical to start treatment; but now looking back at where I was a few months ago to where I am today I have to thank my client for giving me your brochure, and also the powers above that pushed me to make my first appointment. I cannot put into words the transformation I've experienced. I look forward to getting out of bed now PAIN FREE and enjoying all that life has to offer. I would also like to thank all of your staff for making my journey back to a healthy, pain free life so easy!

Pain when lying on stomach

Occupation: Alive, Student
Dear Reader...or to whoever has their mitts on this: If my mom did not wake me up on Saturday morning and convinced my sleepy, lazy butt to NUCCA about a year and half ago, I would have continued to be a whiney elf. Seriously! NUCCA has changed my life and I will never go back to those days where I could not lay on my stomach for 5 minutes. Not only can I lay there for 45 minutes with no pain, but I can do so many things that I could not in the Dark Ages... The Dark Ages where I was in pain all the time, slouched over, and ready to cave in to all the pain. Add NUCCA to the equation, and viola! You have an ever-so-happy Marissa who can finally sit up straight and open her chest up to breathe in fresh air. Everyone is not just amazingly, fantastically awesome and cool at SF Family Spinal Care, but most importantly understanding about the pain that people go through. It is difficult to describe how I feel after being adjusted...it's like being in heaven and walking on air. I can't wait to come to SF Family Spinal Care. I seriously get so excited that people think I am crazy for getting all giddy about going to a chiropractor. It has helped me with just about everything that I do in life. NUCCA always makes me relaxed and calm and plain wonderful! Everyone here is a wizard of magical healing and I love them <3!

Pain everywhere

On a 1 to 10 pain scale, I was a miserable walking 10! (I hunched over a cane.) Pain in my back, neck, elbows, wrists and feet, I was 57! Then a miracle happened!! A flyer for Dr. Meakim Appeared at my sister's house, IN THE MISSION! And the SFFSC clinic was 4 blocks from my home. I went in and had x-rays. I was really a mess and now I am not! I feel great and have never been healthier! I have been in maintenance care for 3 years now. I also took an allergy test and lost 35 lbs. by avoiding my allergy foods! I am sadly moving north and on the top of my list of the things I will miss is my beautiful loving darling Dr. Meakim!

Vertigo, poor posture, lower back pain

As a retired senior and a long time cardiac patient, I have many health issues. Last summer I was experiencing vertigo, lower back pain, poor posture, and a feeling of degeneration. After only 3 sessions, my vertigo disappeared (after having been treated medically for five months!) Prior to NUCCA chiropractic care, my lower back pain was so bad that after showering or shaving, I had to brush my teeth sitting down. Gradually after about 5 months it almost disappeared! I still get some mild pain after standing for long periods of time, but I am sure that it will disappear soon!! When looking in the mirror, I was aware that my shoulders did not "match", and I slouched badly while standing, walking and even sitting. Slowly I started to feel the effects of my twice-weekly treatments, and now after 6 months I am aligned! My treatments have been reduced to one time a week. I have also found it much easier to swallow, (I take over 30 pills a day for my 18-year-old heart transplant. I also have a feeling of well-being! Soon I will be coming in less frequently with occasional alignments. I am very pleased with my progress and the good treatment at San Francisco Family Spinal Care!!!

Sacroiliac (hip), lower back and neck pain

I came to San Francisco Family Spinal Care and Christina Meakim because of discomfort with my neck, a complaint of many years shared by my father. I also had frequent hip or sacroiliac pain and slight discomfort in my lower back.
Almost immediately there were hoped-for results: NO more neck pain, NO more hip or sacroiliac pain, and diminishing light pain in my lower back.
I was surprised by, and did not even anticipate additional great relief: Walking was almost immediately easier for me; that is, I felt light on my feet instead of the sensation of "lumbering along". But most of all, a benefit which I thought nothing could ever give me, as follows:
During many years of classical chiropractic, where one is pounded and banged around quite a bit, I noticed that for about two to four days after treatment, my thinking was exceptionally clear and quick, and my mood much more optimistic. This would inevitably fade, and I spent most of my life battling a kind of mental "fog" and relatively slow thinking.
From the first of Dr. Meakim's treatments, the "fog" lifted and, when I was "holding" from treatments, I spent my life thinking faster and more deeply, and being much more optimistic- feeling that I was "on top of things" rather than a victim or at the mercy of them.
This clarity of mind is one of the most valuable gifts to my life because I am a writer and need all the mental clarity I can get. I was also a career high school teacher, and remembering standardized tests like for IQ and SAT, I am sure that with my present condition of mind, I could score easily 20 or more points than I did. So from all these standpoints it should be clear to the reader that NUCCA treatments have greatly enriched my life.

Muscular and Skeletal Pain due to Arthritis

For decades I had suffered from numerous muscular and skeletal problems. My left shoulder had been injured several months earlier by a former chiropractor. For several months I'd been in pain and could not sleep on either side or sit at my desk or on the bus for any length of time. I also had arthritis pain in my neck, lower spine, knees and hips. For years I'd sought help from various chiropractors and physical therapists, but none had given me relief. The pain was with me constantly. Depression was setting in as I feared the damage was permanent.
Then fate stepped in. One of the executives at my office heard about my problems and suggested contacting Dr. Meakim at once. He highly recommended her and the team at SFFSC and was sure they could help me. I made that call in the summer of 2009 and have been thankful to him and Dr. Meakim ever since. Within a few months, the shoulder pain was gone; the constant pain in my lower back is no longer a bother and the frequent sharp pains in my knees and hips have all but disappeared. I know I'll never have a perfect, pain-free body again, but I do know I can feel the best I possibly can if I continue to receive the critical spinal adjustments they so expertly administer. They've also been a tremendous help with other problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bursitis and a very bad hand sprain. I've learned that a straight spine can fix a myriad of health problems. If only NUCCA had been around when I was in my twenties! I'd still be dancing in my go-go boots! I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Meakim and the staff at San Francisco Family Spine Care. They're caring, competent and always eager to help. Thanks to everyone!

Stammering speech due to head injury

In September 2011, I had a head injury at work that left me stuttering when I spoke. The stammering speech made it so that I could not say more than 2-3 sentences without getting stuck in my words. I had already seen all kinds of medic experts, had CAT scans etc., and they could not find anything that could help it or even explain why my symptoms began when I was hit on the head. I was a call center operator, D.J. and a voice actor. You can't imagine what it was like to have that part of my personality gone. Finally, I came to San Francisco Family Spinal Care. After my first adjustment, I could speak fluidly again! The pain that I had lived with for years in my back and limbs has dramatically decreased! My energy levels have increased. I am not as sleepy as I used to be all of the time. Best of all: I can speak again

Feet, back and neck pain

When I first met SF Family Spinal Care, I was a tradeshow and my feet, my neck and my back were killing me. I was actually looking for orthotics, when I found them. I was not interested in what I had always considered to be chiropractic, or as I called it, "bone-cracking". They told me about NUCCA and how it was different. I had run out of options and I was to the point where I could not lift my arm above my shoulder and both my feet hurt so badly. I needed to do something. I would keep working and not take any breaks because I knew if I stopped the pain would increase. After work, I had to sit in a chair for hours and not move because the pain was so bad. I relied on a foot massager to numb my feet so I could forget about the pain and fall asleep. I noticed after the first visit, the pain began to decrease. The shoulder pain and foot pain improved. After about three months, the pain decreased significantly. After a year, I felt mostly recovered and after about a year and a half, the pain had completely gone away. I am a contractor and I put my body through a lot each day. For nearly 30 years, I pushed myself to the limit and didn't think about the abuse my body was going through. I can't imagine where I would be without NUCCA now. Now I maintain my spine by coming in for check-ups I - 2 times a week to keep myself from falling back into the old pain pattern.

Lower back and knee pain

I first started coming to San Francisco Family Spinal Care because I had lower back pain and knee problems. I had been...6* suffering for a very long time. I have been a patient at this office for about 4 years. My lower back pain is gone! I feel that my walking is so much easier and that I have better body tone.

Chronic headaches

Before coming to Dr. Meakim's office, I was plagued by chronic cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are often called "the suicide headache" and I was very close to giving up as I was running out of options and the pain was intolerable. The particular episode that brought me to Dr. Meakim's office had been going on for 9 months (although my initial diagnosis was in 2002). These headaches affected all aspects of my life. Before I sought chiropractic care I had been on as many as 15 medications some of which had severe side effects. As a critical care nurse, I was not able to concentrate or do anything during an attack. The worst ones came a half hour to forty-five minutes after going to bed, but they began to happen during the day as well. I couldn't lie down and was left exhausted. Because I was so fatigued and shaken by the attacks, I was unable to function and be a person anymore. Life held no enjoyment, and I seriously considered ending it. I came to Dr. Meakim on June 25th, 2009, basically at the end of my rope. Since then, my condition has improved dramatically! I no longer have any attacks of any consequence. I no longer rely on medications or have to deal with their terrible side effects. My energy level has increased, along with my feelings of optimism. I have entered a whole different way of looking at the world and my health has improved in all areas. My first grandchild was born this year! And I have my life back!!!

Back spasms

I remember lying face down on the living room floor, barely able to take a breath as my mom dug her elbow into the muscle spasm in my upper back. I was 15 years old. I frequently had back spasms as a teenager and young adult and thought it was normal. I was a competitive swimmer and surfer, so I assumed back pain was an expected cost of being so active. "Oh, you use your back and shoulders all of the time in sports. That's why you have pain..." people would tell me, and so, I believed them. I went through the rest of my years accepting back pain as a normal occurrence in my life as an athlete. When I went to college, I started to experiment with my diet and natural remedies to cure other health issues I was having. I started to delve into the world of homeopathic medicine and holistic treatments. In 2009, my mom actually told me about a chiropractic treatment that may be beneficial for my back pain. It dealt with the atlas bone in the neck and spine. I tried it and I loved it. I just wasn't in a place in life to continue treatment, so I stopped after a few months. When I moved to San Francisco in 2012, I was in a bicycle accident. I tried training for a half marathon, but I could barely walk. My hip was killing me. I also started to feel out of control emotionally and mentally stressed. Oh, I was also in graduate school getting my masters, working, and trying to maintain my health. There was and still is, quite a bit on my plate. I just couldn't accept the fact that I was 25 years old and unable to train for a half marathon, let alone walk normally. That is when I Google searched "atlas bone" and "chiropractic work in San Francisco." Ah ha! I found Dr. Meakim. Since beginning treatment almost a year ago, I have regained balance in my life. I am able to walk, run, swim, surf, sleep, eat, and feel good. I am confident saying that I don't think I would have made it through my first year of graduate school without NUCCA. My digestion has improved, my body feels stronger, my mental state feels more balanced, I sleep better, and I feel happy. Treatment is taking longer for me because of the stress of being in graduate school, but that has led me to begin regular meditation practice to support my body. One of the best parts of getting treated by Dr. Meakim is her emotional and energy work. I feel more aware of myself and more in touch with my body. I am now finally in a place where my body is accepting all of the love and support I have been giving it for the past year. I feel stable! Not only has Dr. Meakim and her wonderful staff fixed my physical body, they have helped lead me down a path of lifelong healing and happiness. I have tried many different treatments for many different health issues and NUCCA with Dr. Meakim has been one of the best choices for my health I have ever made. She is worth so much more than what she charges.Thank you Dr. Meakim and the wonderful staff at San Francisco Family Spinal Care!!!!!

Thyroid and Grave’s Disease

I started at SFFSC in May 2014. Several years earlier I had been diagnosed with two forms of thyroid disease. One is called Grave's Disease, it is an autoimmune condition, In autoimmune diseases the immune system mistakes the body's healthy tissue for an invader and attacks. The body essentially turns on itself and that can be very serious, if not deadly.
I was also diagnosed with parathyroid disease. In this case, the parathyroid sucks calcium out of teeth and bones so they break very easily. These diseases run in my family. My grandmother died at 38 and my mother at 62. A couple of months after my mother passed in 2007, I was told that death was imminent for me as well. My Western Medicine doctors told me they had no idea why I was still alive. They told me to just "go and enjoy the rest of my time." They said they didn't have anything else to offer me in terms of treatment. The traditional allelopathic were probably right; due to the limited paradigm they work within. Don't get me wrong—Western Medicine will save your life in an emergency. They're great at that. However, they're not so good with ongoing health maintenance and genuine healing; their answer to most conditions comes in the form of a pill.
As for myself, I knew that I was sick enough to die and knowing that my mother and grandmother passed from these conditions was fairly daunting—yet I never believed I was locked into Western Medicine's diagnosis. It's been challenging, especially because through most of this journey I have been more or less on my own. As I continued on my quest, I found more and more things, especially in the areas of nutrition and supplements that helped me build a foundation for wellness. But I still needed help.
As for my parathyroid condition, in 1991 and then in 2010, I broke (first my right and then my left,) legs so badly that I was told I would never walk again unassisted. I have lost eight or nine teeth... It seems like so many, I've lost count. I've broken my nose and several fingers. The bones in my face started shifting a few years ago. For years I couldn't understand why my back was hurting so much. Western Medicine offered no real assistance in helping me figure it out. I used to lie in bed at night sleeping for twenty minutes at a time and then just crying the rest of the time. I was in so much pain.
My neck used to hurt so badly that I would have to stop whatever I was doing and go lie down. I felt like I didn't have the strength to hold my head up. Then I would tell myself that I was just imagining it, that it wasn't really that bad—big mistake.
I met one of the doctors from SFFSC at a street fair in my neighborhood. I met another Chiropractor at that same street fair a few years earlier. She told me the condition of my spine was quite serious, but I sensed that her approach wasn't right for me. When I met the doctors at SFFSC, I was amazed by the confidence I felt in them. I knew these people could really help me.
After my x-rays and initial work-up at SFFSC, they told me that I was in stage three, (out of four,) of spinal subluxation from the neck down. Even more critically, the "atlas" bone at the top of the neck, which essentially connects the head to the neck, was in serious trouble.
From a medical perspective, I had about a year to live when I first started at SFFSC. Western Medicine would want to do surgery. They would want to cut into the back of my head and pull that bone of my brain stem. My response to any surgeon offering that approach would be something like this, "Why don't you let someone cut into the back of your head and manipulate your brain stem, then let me know how that goes for you.'
The doctors at SFFSC gave me a six month treatment plan as well. No, I couldn't afford them but fortunately I had help from my family. I still haven't reached a full alignment, but I am doing much better. I feel like I can see a future for myself. In addition to my bone issues, the doctors at SFFSC have helped me through a couple of cases of adrenal insufficiency and a case diverticulosis. I have never felt like anyone at SFFSC was trying to scare me or sell me something I didn't need. I have been going there for seven months and they have been late maybe twice. I'm usually the one who's late—and they always accommodate me. I've noticed that the main pool of patients at SFFSC, are people with serious health problems that Western Medicine hasn't been able to address, at least entirely. Having read some of the negative reviews about SFFSC, got me thinking that those reviewers may not have such serious health problems—at least not yet.
I have met some of the patients from the video testimonial and they are not paid—they are simply happy to have their lives back. Please remember that not all healers or forms of healing are for everyone. If NUCCA isn't right for you just chalk it up to that. Comments about SFFSC using scare tactics, being late and having to wait in low "ceiling-ed" rooms, sounds like crap to me. Who cares about the ceiling it's saving my life—and I don't need a Psychologist—at least not in if you're getting help? As far as Dr. Meakim's "karate kid" impression, terms of how I feel about the help I am receiving.
After everything I've been through, I finally feel like I have doctors who understand my issues and can really help. I still have a way to go and it hasn't always been roses, but I am getting better. For someone who was never supposed to walk again and should have been dead a few years ago, I'm doing great! I know that I' ll be getting adjusted for the rest of my life, but I will do that before I ever let someone cut into the back of my head. I am finally able to work on my writing and visual arts projects again. I almost quit playing the piano because my fingers, wrists, forearms and elbows hurt so much, it felt like they were going to fall off. For someone who was never supposed to walk again unassisted, I now walk two to three miles a day with my dog.
I work very hard on my health, but I never would have made it this far without the help of Doctors Baker, Lonsbury and Meakim. I am immensely grateful for their help.

Leg pain due to Sciatica

First of all, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude and thankfulness to Dr. Meakim and the staff at SFFSC for helping me towards true health and wellness. I have learned so much about healing and health through the staff and the reading material available to patients at your care center. I truly believe that the NUCCA treatments at SFFSC provided the foundation for my recovery from a very painful physical condition. Congratulations on adding my case to your list of successes.
The main reason for seeking help was leg pain, or sciatica nerve pain. I discussed this condition with my regular health care plan doctor and I was told that the pain would eventually go away. In the late 2010 or early 201 1 time frame the condition seemed to worsen. I was experiencing severe leg cramping at night, and sometimes while sitting. At places with limited leg space, like planes and theaters, my left leg would tend to cramp uncontrollably. Also, I could not walk more than a city block without cramping, numbness and tingling in my left leg. Upon further discussion with my regular care doctor, he prescribed anti-inflammatory pills. They did not work. I knew I had to seek an alternative.
In May of 2012 a flyer came with my newspaper about a doctor that does not cure people, but treats them so that the body heals itself. The flyer was about Dr. Meakim and the SFFSC. Since then I have been receiving regular NUCCA treatments. At first, progress was slow. But towards the end of 2012 1 noticed a dramatic improvement. I experienced far less leg cramping and far less severe cramps. Now, I can walk much longer distances, and I can sit and watch the whole movie at the theater with no leg cramps. With NUCCA, my body went through the process of healing itself.
When the body starts to heal it does not stop after specific symptoms have subsided. It heals all over. I have noticed other benefits to true health. My digestive system is better. My sense of smell seems more acute. I can relax and fall asleep easier. My legs no longer bother me at night. All this adds up to an overall much better mood, I find it a lot easier to smile these days. A lot of stress has been lifted off my mind simply from not thinking about what is happening to me/my body. I now look forward to improving even more.

Car Accident

After two major car accidents, after trying all the possible medicines & doctors, you made a miracle taking away my pain!!! It’s amazing, but truly do not remember when was the last time I had back and neck pain! I guess it was prior to the 3rd appointment in your office. I appreciate your help so much! You are amazing. I would never forget what you did! Thank you Christina! 
P.S and lots of thanks from my family as well!!! Now I'm a happy wife and mom again.


I started Chiropractic care because I was having pain in my body known as sciatica. I have had these pains for most of my life. I was unable to walk for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. I have been coming to the office for two months now and it has dramatically changed my condition. I am not in pain and I get to enjoy my life more!! I have more energy and mental clarity. I am able to empathize and understand others, and I just feel more joyful all around!

Aches and pains

I first came in to see Dr. Meakim because of those little aches and pains that just don’t seem to go away. I had suffered from them for 3 years before coming in. Although I could still function. I didn't think it was to a level I would like. I have been a patient in the office for a year now and I have noticed a dramatic improvement. I enjoy dancing again and life in general. I found a hidden value in an emotional release with N.E.T I feel directly because of NUCCA. I’m able to live my life freely and I have peace of mind.

Physical injury causing pain in arm, neck and wrist

I spent many years moving too fast — either my brain was ahead of my body or vice versa, and consequently ran into a lot of sharp corners, hitting my shoulders, and once in France, an electronic door closed on me, causing pain for months plus a "frozen arm."
I did not realize the harm done to my neck and spine, and carried on in spite of chronic neck pain and a painful swollen wrist that tried to curtail a lot of hand work that I do. Happy was the day I met Dr. Christina Meakim, for she said right away that all the problems were in the neck and spine, and she could fix it.It is a few months later now, on June 1, 2007, and I am a new woman. I have probably never felt better in my life and all of this is reflected in achieving success in areas I never thought possible!
You cannot operate your life properly if you don't feel good. I am very grateful and full of appreciation for the loving care of Dr. Meakim.

Chronic neck pain and neck back tension

It is hard to capture with words what exactly it is you have enabled me to attain. One phrase does come to mind to describe you... "Life expression facilitator". As chiropractic students, we are primed from day one that our purpose is to promote the optimum functioning of the nervous system and to allow our innate sense of intelligence to course through the body unimpeded. All to enable individuals to live their lives "as nature intended".
However, although other chiropractors have definitely enabled me to approximate this state of being, never before have I felt what it means to truly exist without interference. Prior my first N.U.C.C.A. adjustment I was plagued with both mental and physical difficulties; it has always been so difficult for me to focus on anything for prolonged periods of time, always distracted by impulsive thoughts and executing impulsive behaviors. It was as if I lacked a filter to strain out irrelevant information, constantly distracted by extraneous stimuli.
Also, I have always found myself with an overflowing list of "to-do" items. In fact, my purse and pockets were usually filled with several scraps of paper, all overflowing with a backlog of tasks...all which had been abandoned in favor of "more interesting" activities. As I entered your office for the first time, this tendency manifested itself as I gazed longingly across the street at the jewelry and souvenir shops filled with "more interesting" things than the mundane (yet imperative) tasks on my lists. I reconciled that I would "just enter a few" after my adjustment and, once again, begin the daunting task of the "to do" lists... later. As was the story of my life! Procrastination coupled with panic-stricken precision- whether it be a paper, test, patient file due for a re-evaluation, or bill to pay. All of these tasks were met with such aversion. ..almost an inability to acknowledge their inevitable existence. As for my physical symptoms, my lower neck and back have been a problem for at least three years- quite ironic considering that I've been in chiropractic school throughout those!
After my first adjustment, I left your office with a renewed perspective on life. I passed by the same shops that distracted me on the way in, thinking of all the things that needed to be done which I had procrastinated for so long. In fact, I went straight to a coffee shop and sat for one and a half hours organizing my week in my palm pilot! I stood, shocked, at the end of that session...in complete disbelief at what had just transpired. For the first time in my life, I felt complete!
Gradually, I noticed a decrease in the chronic neck and low back tension which I had just come to accept as part of my constitution. Now I can see that their manifestation correlates with the displacement of my atlas, and that they resolve upon its positional restoration. Although I have always intellectualized this, it was quite profound to actually experience it.
Thank you so much for all of your help. I can't tell you how different I am after I leave your office. As my adjustments begin to stabilize for longer periods of time, I am able to reap the benefits of living with "my head on straight"... as my nervous system becomes more organized, my mind, body, and spirit follow!
The world will become a better place when more individuals reap the benefits bestowed by your little pisiform.

TMJ pain due to Sciatica

My main reason for starting care was sciatica, a toe problem, I couldn't sit up straight, and I was having TMJ pain. I had been suffering since I was 5 years old. Prior to care, I had trouble sitting up straight for any period of time and playing tennis for a long time was painful. Since beginning care 3 weeks ago all my symptoms have vastly improved. I can now sit up naturally and comfortably, my toe works, and my jaw doesn't click. I also used to get terrible nauseating headaches and now I don't! I’ve also noticed I am way more energized. NUCCA is a miracle!


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help with my sciatica. Last year I was in pain from February until July going to Kaiser. They gave me all the Vicodin and Flexeril I wanted. That was great for a minute to take the pain away until my tolerance level made them obsolete. I saw the "family" chiropractor last year, but it still took a while before the pain was noticeably gone. This year when it flared up, one of my co-workers insisted I give you a try. I was in so much pain I could barely move and I was noticeably walking weird. I was surprised after the first adjustment that there was a hint of relief. The first adjustment didn't stay, but that was expected. The second adjustment, however, did stay. I am happy to report that the pain has been slowly but surely subsiding. Even after moving boxes around all weekend! It barely felt like I had an adjustment at the time, but I can definitely feel the positive effects days later. Thank you so much for your care, advice, and education regarding my spinal care. I'll keep in touch!

Emotional Withdrawn

I have known Dr. Christina Meakim for almost eight years. She is very perceptive, articulate, and dedicated to healing. I have been in private therapy and also gone to group therapy, and the emotional work that Dr. Meakim offers was new territory for me. The work is a rapid and effective way to move through your problems, allowing you to unearth profound emotions in a safe environment. Dr. Meakim poses questions and probes for information while simultaneously doing muscle testing (using your arm for example). Your unconscious emotions surface and determine the way your body "answers" the questions.
While discussing a problem I have with my boyfriend, Dr. Meakim "asked" my body when this feeling first occurred. We were able to pinpoint the emotion to an earlier experience when I was a toddler, growing up in a family that did not offer the support I needed. Compared to therapy where I could rationalize and over-analyze my situation, the work with Dr. Meakim directly revealed the clear and unmuddled emotions that I carry with me. Sometimes the discoveries were upsetting and I felt overwhelmed by the rawness of the experience. It is during these moments of healing when Dr. Meakim allowed me the time and space to work through it all, in a nurturing and safe manner. Afterwards, the emotional work gave me a feeling of liberation and I felt a bit lighter and purified. I gained insight into my problems and a deeper understanding of who I am as a person.
I would recommend this emotional work to people who are in search of answers about their life. Whether your issues are intimate or mundane, Dr. Meakim is a trustworthy and helpful partner along your path to healing.


I have allergies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As a result, I rarely, if ever, breathe freely from my nose. I was told about the great effect Nasal Specific was having on others. I skeptically promised to check it out.
These symptoms have been ongoing for my whole life, but have been worse in the last 3 to 5 years. Even taking allergy medication wasn't totally effective. I wasn't able to breathe from my right nostril, I had congestion headaches regularly. I would wake up several times a night. I was very irritable most days because I was tired. I couldn't smell anything for 6 months. After 4 months, we started NUCCA in combination with the Nasal Specific (turns out I was 'off' to the left side by 1/4")
I've noticed now that I can sleep better. I have more energy and 1 feel balanced. 1 CAN BREATHE AGAIN! Even garbage, with its pungent odor smells wonderful. It's amazing how the aromas we haven't smelled in years become so missed.
When Dr. Meakim suggested NUCCA, in conjunction with the Nasal Specific, I was skeptical-notice the theme-but I feel great! I sleep well. I have more energy. I drink less coffee, because I am less tired. I look forward to getting up again. I even feel like helping troublesome customers, and look forward to changing their outlook on their situation.


With the combination of removing my food allergies from my diet and getting my spine corrected with NUCCA Chiropractic I feel so much better now!  I walked down the aisle at my wedding with NO PAIN!!! – Kyle


My energy level has increased, along with my feelings of optimism. I have entered a whole different way of looking at the world and my health has improved in all areas. My first grandchild was born this year!  And I have my life back!!! – Barbara


Within weeks I could walk normally, and I avoided surgery and had minimal discomfort. I committed this year to coming weekly so that I could maintain my alignment. I have a special back and having a Doctor that I trust and who cares about me is critical to my health and wellness. I know Dr. Meakim cares about me and had my best interests in mind – Betsy


Within months of being treated by Dr. Meakim, I was able to start playing tennis and golf. Last month I went to Palm Springs and played 9 rounds of golf in 7 days and I was PAIN FREE the entire time. Choosing to do N.U.C.C.A was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. – Anna


The sciatica left quickly and my blood pressure improved so much that I went off medication for it! Now I just make sure to make my checkups so that my symptoms NEVER come back!  Thanks Doc!! – Jill


 I could not carry my son, sleep at night, or even shop!  I am a mother of 3 and a R.N. I needed serious help! I can now do all of the things that I was unable to do before and have since brought my whole family in to see the doctors at Healthy Life Chiropractic!  We are all healthier and happier and I feel better knowing that I am doing the best for my kids, husband, and myself – Tina


My mom has come a long way. It is great to see her dancing in the office to show Dr. Meakim how much better she is feeling. We can even go on hikes as a family now! –Sawdy Phoun  for her mom Sara


Little did I realize, though, experiencing headaches on a daily basis, and a searing pain whenever I rotated my neck did not have to be normal. Now, I feel much better physically, and even emotionally knowing that I am worthy of living a life absent of chronic pain. It is without a doubt that Dr. Meakim and all of her staff have helped me not only address issues that were the cause of my limited mobility, but also give me the courage to advocate for myself. – Christoph


The day I came to Healthy Life Chiropractic, I had been struggling with chronic pain for 8 years. This was also the day that completely started the change in my life that I had been searching for. My first visit at NUCCA I left crying. I felt like I was walking on clouds. I felt a sense of happiness, relief and excitement all at once. I hadn’t felt that great in over 8 years! This was my answer. – Ally


I was unaware of  Nucca. But now I know and understand how fabulous it is.  It really works and it is easy and painless! Dr. Meakim has changed my life, I started with horrible back and neck pain, today I do not have any pain and I have greater mobility.  – Lori


I began coming to Healthy Life Chiropractic because I had been suffering from Constant Migraine Syndrome for about three years. Before receiving care here, I was not able to go outside in bright lights, listen to music, exercise or read! I have been a patient for about four years! -Mariah


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