Corrective NUCCA Care Results Pre and Post X-Rays

When you first come to the office, we will take a detailed history. If one of our doctors suspects that your spine is misaligned they may recommend x-rays. Our doctors will analyze your films to see if they can help.

You might have a scoliosis ( spinal curvature)  or spinal misalignment on your films. For many of our patients we find damage to a spinal joint, reversed curvature of your neck, and or a scoliosis causing their symptoms. 80% of our patients have no idea that they have scoliosis of their spine, many are asymptomatic until decades later. 

Weight bearing x-rays let us know if you or your child are subluxated, and if they have the beginning of a scoliosis that may respond to corrective care in our office. The sooner you adjust a scoliosis the better the results. A preventative approach helps our children thrive. 

Your doctor will prescribe a care plan based on your x-ray findings. Specific spinal adjustments align your spine into a more healthy position long term. For some it is possible to restore your original spinal curves.

After your corrective care plan your doctor will take post x-rays. Here are some examples of spinal correction.