Hidden Food Allergies

The connection between food allergies and pain.
A few years ago my mother ( Dr, Meakim’s Mom) was in severe chronic pain all of the time. After a few years of having great results with changing my diet my mother agreed to take a food reactivity test that I recommended to see if her pain was related to her chronic stomach issues. When she got the test results, she was very upset that it said that she should eliminate wheat. I said” Peggy, you have nothing to lose by trying the diet for 10 days.”  She got silent. “Ok” she said, Now I talk to my mother often, but I did not ask her about her pain for 10 days, on the 10th day I asked her how her pain was. She said very quietly,” I don't have any pain.” I said what? She said louder “I don't have any pain in my body anymore.” And then she said,” I don't understand why my food was making my body hurt.” Now she had one of the keys of how to feel great.

The types of food allergy testing:
• IGE scratch test: This is the standard for allergies with respiratory symptoms of anaphylactic shock.
• IGE blood test: These tests are expensive and not as useful in looking for hidden food allergies. 
• IGG blood test: This test will check your blood to see if your body is producing antibodies to certain foods that it thinks are a foreign invader( like a virus, bacteria or parasite). This will give you part of the picture and is letting you know that you have a leaky gut to heal. 
• Alcat or other food reactivity test: They will put your blood in vials to see if it reacts with different kinds of foods and produces white blood cells like your body is reacting to a foreign invader. 
Eliminating all the food that you are reacting to is just the beginning but may relieve much or all of your pain initially. The target is to get clear about whatever support your gut requires with an ND or MD so that your body can absorb nutrition so that it can fight off cancer and keep you healthy. 

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