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Our Doctors have helped thousands of people with these symptoms and conditions.

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Do you have any of these symptoms? NUCCA can help!

Arm/hand tingling
Bed wetting
Carpal tunnel
Chronic fatigue
Digestive problems
Disc problems
Ear infections
Failed surgical procedures
Foot pain
Knee pain
Leg/foot tingling
Low back pain
Low energy
Mid back pain
Multiple sclerosis
Neck pain
Peripheral neuropathies
Plantar fasciitis
Poor posture
Post polio syndrome
Rib pain
Ringing in ears
Shoulder pain
Tailbone pain
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Trigeminal neuralgia
Wrist pain

The HLC Difference

NUCCA Corrective Chiropractic care is a gentle and safe form of chiropractic. It focuses on aligning your atlas bone specifically, correcting your whole spinal misalignment for long-lasting results. 

There are 5 major differences as compared to traditional Chiropractic: 

• Force is much lighter
• Comfort Level is higher
• Proof of Correction is higher
• Stability is higher
• Accuracy is higher

And for you this means: 

• You feel better faster
• You hold your alignment longer
• Your body is functioning optimally

Our target is to help your body heal as quickly as possible!

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Our friendly team of Patient Care Specialists are here to help you find the perfect time to sit down with a doctor to see if your concern is something we can help. 

Your doctors listen closely to your concerns and dive into your health history. They will determine if your problem can be helped with chiropractic care in the consultation. If your concern is a chiropractic problem, they may recommend an examination, weight-bearing digital x-rays, posture analysis followed by a report on a later visit. If your problem is not a chiropractic one, we will refer you to a specialist. A consultation is always free in our office.

Step 2: Evaluate - Examination & X-rays

Based on your health history and consultation, your doctor will perform a thorough yet gentle chiropractic exam. Your doctor evaluates your body's function through a series of tests including: range of motion, posture analysis, orthopedic and neurologic testing. The evaluation is tailored to your needs and concerns.

Your doctor may recommend full spine weight-bearing films and seated NUCCA films. These specialized x-rays show your spine in its natural state. Subluxations (pinched nerves) are found during careful analysis of your x-rays, examination findings and health history.  Our low dose x-ray allows for a safe and non-invasive way to find the cause of your symptoms.

Step 3: Analyze & Review

After your initial consultation, our Doctors will send you home so that they can develop, study and analyze the results from your first visit. You will schedule a time to review your complete report of your findings with your family. 

From the x-rays, you will see the cause of the problem and why your symptoms are impacting your life. Your doctor will determine if your concern is fixable or patchable and if you are a candidate for corrective care. In the event that you are a candidate for corrective care, your doctor will review a strategy to stabilize your pinched nerve and slow down or stop degeneration. Together with your doctor, you will make a plan for your health.

Your first Adjustment

The NUCCA adjustment is very specific and precise based upon your unique spinal misalignment. The doctors determine a specific line of drive from your x-rays to execute the adjustment. The adjustment restores your body to a balanced state notably affecting your overall body function.

You will begin by assessing your balance on the spinemaster then, lying on your side on the adjustment table. We make all corrections by hand from the top bone of your spine, your first vertebrae (the atlas/ C1). We do NOT twist, crack or pop your spine. The gentle correction aligns your entire spine (neck, mid-back, lower back and hips) by removing  pressure off your brainstem and nerves. You may feel a very light touch on the side of your neck, near your earlobe. Your NUCCA x-rays act as a guide ro find the specific direction of your adjustment. The doctor adjusts you until your vertebra return to their natural position.

Post X-ray

 If necessary, the doctor may take post X-rays promptly following your first spinal treatment to ensure your spine is correcting. You may receive several rounds of adjustments. We encourage you to take this time to allow your body to rest.

After Your First Adjustment

Take it easy after your first adjustment. Avoid straining your neck. A strenuous workout, a deep tissue massage or a visit to the dentist should all be done prior to your adjustment. Keep in mind, soft tissues, muscles, and ligaments, are stretched when your vertebra is in an unnatural position. It takes time for your body's soft tissues and bones to rehabilitate. Every adjustment builds on the last, bringing your body back to its normal and natural posture. 

Monitoring your Progress

Most patients receive a treatment schedule ranging over a few weeks to several months. Our doctors will closely monitor your progress through physical examinations, orthopedic tests and neurological tests until your subluxations are corrected your spine is aligned. Once your initial correction is achieved, new comparative x-rays are taken to evaluate your progress with your doctor and confirm your structural correction.

Maintaining your correction throughout your life allows your body to function optimally. This is why we always recommend maintaining your alignment. It is important to receive a chiropractic check-up to prevent future degeneration and regression.

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