How I fell in love with NUCCA Chiropractic

Sunday, April 5, 2020 / Posted by Christina Meakim

People often ask me how I became a NUCCA chiropractor. I have been a chiropractor since 2002. I fell in love with this work because of what it did for me personally as a patient. 

I had a car accident when I was 27 and had neck and back pain for the first time in my life.  I still remember the moment when a friend in Philadelphia recommended that I see her chiropractor. He and some other practitioners helped me and I wanted to help others like they had helped me. 

I moved to attend Chiropractic college in Iowa. After a few months, I developed terrible low back pain and tingling all the way down my right leg to my foot. I could barely sit in class. I was getting my lower back adjusted 3 times a week and it was no help, people kept telling me to stop doing yoga and other exercises. I was looking for a solution that would not limit me and would really help me long term be able to do all of the things that I wanted to be able to do. 

The best and brightest around the school kept mentioning NUCCA chiropractic. When they talked about it, I just could not wrap my head around how adjusting my neck could help my low back and leg, but I was getting my low back adjusted 3 times a week and it did not help. I was desperate enough to try anything for some relief. 

I made an appointment with a chiropractor in town. She talked to me, measured me and then took some x-rays of my head and neck. After she thoroughly explained my condition to me, she had me lie on my side and touched my neck ever so lightly and I stood up straighter than I had in years. 

I had always had an idea of how I was going to practice, and moments after my first NUCCA alignment I knew I was on a completely different path. 

I went to see my mentor Dr. Robert Brooks in Oklahoma and when he adjusted me with NUCCA it took me to that next level of healing. I felt ease in my body for the first time in memory. 

To this day, every time I am adjusted with NUCCA my whole body tension melts, my mood lifts, my stooped posture corrects itself and is suddenly elongated and upright, and my body feels lighter and I have a spring in my step! I have held my NUCCA adjustment for weeks, months, and years. The longest I ever held an alignment (not needing to be adjusted, with perfect balance, strength and even legs) was 4 years and 360 days. Almost 5 years!

I am inspired to provide lasting health and vitality for my patients. It's all about helping them have a healthy life!

Are you looking for long term results? Look no further. 


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