What if we said Good Morning?

Saturday, June 6, 2020 / Posted by Dr. Chrisitna Meakim D.C.

Hey San Francisco, What would happen if we all said “good morning” to each other?

I have lived in this beautiful city for 18 years and absolutely love it every day. I am a radical rebel who realized after a few years here that San Francisco is a big, small town and I love that about us.

So people of San Francisco: What would happen if we all said “Good morning!” to each other? You might ask yourself ‘What? Why would you speak to strangers if you don't have to?’ Haha. Well, why not? What might it create if we were all a little friendlier? Or a lot?

Especially in the time of COVID what would happen if we did not let masks, fear or emotions separate us? We are all just a bunch of molecules bouncing around in the universe. What if something as simple, kind and open as a “good morning” could break down the walls of isolation and all barriers. Have you ever noticed the presence, kindness, openness and gratitude required to say hello? Those energies are a beautiful way to live. 

What would it create in our city if we began to act like we are all in this together? What sense of community can we create with a small act like this?

I had a friend in chiropractic college. Within a few months of beginning our training, she watched how almost every person said hello to me when we walked the halls together. She asked me what my secret was? I replied, “ I said hello to them”. It was that simple. She began to say hello to everyone and everything changed for her.

Most people separate themselves with their points of view or thoughts of themselves or of others, insecurities, or stresses. Judgments are most of what separates us and judgments are all made up. If there were no people on the planet, would there be any judgment? It's a nutty people thing. Have you thought about where judgement comes from? That is my rebel point of view. 

I make it a habit to go on long walks to the beach whenever I can. I often say “hello’ or “good morning” to the people I pass along the way. I find it curious who answers back and who does not. I have noticed more people are saying things like, Thank you! Good morning to you too! I love people who say good morning!” That is what prompted me to write this today.  

Some people completely ignore me with a frown or no smile or suspicion on their faces.Then, when I say “Good Morning!” they break into a big smile and answer back, “Good morning!” with gusto and gratitude. Some people don't answer at all, so I say it in Cantonese or Russian and then they smile and answer back. Some people don't say anything and that's perfect also. I am just here engaging with the people who want to engage. If it is not fun for you yet to engage with people maybe play with it some more. 

Someone told me the 80,10,10 rule years ago. 80% of people will love what you do, 10% won’t and 10% won’t care. I have to say this percentage is about correct with the whole Mission Good Morning Plan too. Who wants to play this with me? Who thinks I am a Pollyanna-unicorn? You are correct about that actually. You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. BTW... GOOD MORNING! 

Dr. Chrisitna Meakim D.C.


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