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"I am inspired by the success of our patients. Hearing the stories of individuals overcoming pain and distress and living a better life keeps me going each day. I grew up in a small town in San Diego, but longed for a sense of community, the people that I have met through Healthy Life Chiropractic have created a new definition of community for me. Each and every patient welcomed me with open arms with a new story to share and something unique to offer to not only our practice, but the Bay Area. Working with a group of kind, compassionate and intelligent people is a big plus too. NUCCA is a very gentle yet impact-full, much like our staff. Overall, Healthy Life Chiropractic is an incredibly encouraging environment that promotes growth, strength and a healthy lifestyle. I couldn't be happier to be a part of it!"



"When I was 21 years old I walked into my old job and felt a sharp pain in my lower back, hunching over. I remember crying because my co-workers at the time thought I was faking it, how could a 21 year old have such back pain? I was like that for a MONTH. My grandmother took me to the ER and they could only prescribe me aspirin & couldn't tell me WHY I had been bedridden for a month. It wasn't until I started working for a Manual Manipulation D.C. in Campbell, CA in 2005 that my life changed & I finally knew the root cause of my pain. The DC took X-rays and explained my scoliosis to me, that it had been with me since I was a young child, just finally feeling the pain & could have been corrected if I had known sooner. Since being adjusted, the same sharp pain has happened again but this time, only lasted a day or two VS a month without Chiropractic & less frequent. Even knowing how much Chiropractic helped me, I made the mistake of not maintaining my care once I moved to San Francisco for a job in Marketing. I came to work once again in the Chiropractic field with Dr. Meakim in 2015, missing the connection with patients and saw how much my spine had degenerated without care. Under NUCCA care I have slowed this degeneration & my insomnia has gone away. Now, It is my mission to help patients not make the same mistake I did and to maintain true correction at our office & make sure EVERYONE gets checked to learn about their own body sooner than I did, most importantly kids. I am here to help!!"



“I graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors in Biochemistry in May 2016. During my time at SFSU, I volunteered on three mission trips to Central America where I provided medical, dental and public health assistance to the underserved communities. My passion for helping others and educating people about their health drove me to pursue a career in the health field. Originally, my intention was to become a medical doctor or a pharmacist. However, after seeing many of my immediate family members experience adverse health effects from prescription drugs, I was on the search for an alternative approach to healing. The patients of Healthy Life Chiropractic inspire me every day with their success and desire to attain health and wellness on a holistic level. It’s a pleasure coming in to work every day and seeing how our patients lives have been transformed by NUCCA."



I grew up in San Francisco and have been drawn towards medicine and science for as long as I can remember. I studied Biology at San Francisco State University and after a bout with Leukemia and all the drugs that came with it, I began to seek out alternative medicine. I am now a Reiki practitioner, Percussion therapist and always learning more about how our bodies and energetic fields work together. Chiropractic has affirmed how amazing our bodies are and shown me their ability for healing themselves so long as all parts can communicate. Working with patients inspires me daily and it's wonderful to witness people healing themselves!