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Growing up as the child of two military parents, I moved all over the world. We settled down in Las Vegas, Nevada after years of moving. There I completed my high school and college career. In 2008, I moved to the Bay Area to attend Medic School at the San Francisco Paramedic Association. Soon after earning my certification, I began working in emergency medical services. The position required a lot of physical labor. Carrying patients up and down several flights of stairs really started to take a toll on my body. I thought that the aches and pains I was feeling were just a part of the job until I took a part-time position at Healthy Life Chiropractic and learned differently.

One day, I was at home doing some work around the house when my back seized caused debilitating pain. I was in so much agony that I considered going to the emergency room. I decided to see Dr. Meakim instead. After, my adjustment, the pain dramatically decreased. It is amazing how much NUCCA care has increased my quality of life. I love learning more about holistic medicine each day and working alongside my Chiropractic Family.



“I graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors in Biochemistry in May 2016. During my time at SFSU, I volunteered on three mission trips to Central America where I provided medical, dental and public health assistance to the underserved communities. My passion for helping others and educating people about their health drove me to pursue a career in the health field. Originally, my intention was to become a medical doctor or a pharmacist. However, after seeing many of my immediate family members experience adverse health effects from prescription drugs, I was on the search for an alternative approach to healing. The patients of Healthy Life Chiropractic inspire me every day with their success and desire to attain health and wellness on a holistic level. It’s a pleasure coming in to work every day and seeing how our patients lives have been transformed by NUCCA."



"I am inspired by the success of our patients. Hearing the stories of individuals overcoming pain and distress and living a better life keeps me going each day. I grew up in a small town in San Diego, but longed for a sense of community, the people that I have met through Healthy Life Chiropractic have created a new definition of community for me. Each and every patient welcomed me with open arms with a new story to share and something unique to offer to not only our practice, but the Bay Area. Working with a group of kind, compassionate and intelligent people is a big plus too. NUCCA is a very gentle yet impact-full, much like our staff. Overall, Healthy Life Chiropractic is an incredibly encouraging environment that promotes growth, strength and a healthy lifestyle. I couldn't be happier to be a part of it!"